Name Change!

You may have gathered by this point that Preserving Hardcore is now known as Preserving Underground.

Why? Because we have A LOT more than hardcore. I mean, we always did but at this point there is probably more metal and punk and alternative than hardcore (which is saying a lot). We are also rapidly expanding into other realms such as Hip Hop and presumably more to come in the near future.

I had plenty of people tell me when I was opening the store that I would eventually need to expand beyond the realms of hardcore, which I was fully aware of. I had, however, built up a very loyal and supportive following over the past few years under the moniker of Preserving Hardcore and wanted to pay homage to such.

Preserving Hardcore and its Hardcore Museum will continue to exist within the same building and under the umbrella of Preserving Underground; think of it as a branch to a larger tree.

It's no secret that hardcore always has been and probably always will be my personal favorite genre of music and there will always be a "hardcore slant" to the store but ultimately we have drastically outgrown the original intents of the store in under 8 months of operation.

So in summary...

- The store and venue are now operating as Preserving Underground

- The Hardcore Museum is still open at the store

- Preserving Hardcore YouTube channel will still exist (

- Preserving Hardcore Limited Run store will still exist (

- Preserving Hardcore will still set up distro tables old school style at a show or fest near you!

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